Selfridges Shop in Shop. Taken from our client’s 3D render and sizes we developed the unit to be manufactured to their budget and in line with the brand standards. We used softwood and processed the timber through numerous process to look like reclaimed timber. The project was all manufactured in-house and after this project we worked with our client to manufacture a number of store roll outs for other areas and retailer.

Paper Destiny

Display By Design took the original brief from Schurman Retail, then designed the multiple concept stores. Once Schurman retail had agreed on the proposal, we built a complete mock shop in our factory and merchandised all of the displays. Our client came over from the States to review and sign off. We then commenced with the manufacturing and delivering to America and Canada.

Jolie Papier

Display By Design worked from the initial design concept through to manufacture and installation of the Jolie Papier brand. We designed and manufactured all of the shopfitting fixtures and displays. Jolie Papier has two stores, one in Bluewater and one in Newcastle.


Working with Waitrose Display By Design provide concepts through to delivery of various displays. We was briefed to look at their gift wrap bay. Display By Design came up with a concept that enabled Waitrose to display more product in the same space as before and also keep the display looking it’s best at all times even once it had been shopped hard by customers. With the display incorporating powder coated steel, PETG it was designed to last. This was a national launch rolling back in to all stores and new store that are to open.