Men’s Grooming for Next

Next gave Display By Design a concept unit to develop into a reusable unit. In addition, our client wanted the unit so that it could be easily installed and uninstalled by staff members. The complete unit was sent out over two complete pallets. Each box was packaged so that they could be easily lifted by a minimum of two people. Furthermore, an instruction pack was sent out with step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the unit within the pre-installed bays in Next stores.

The two columns which can be seen in the images had built in shout-outs that lit up to highlight certain products.

Next Skin Care Unit

After working with Next on another project, we were asked to come up with concepts for a skin care unit. The unit had to fit in with the existing style in store and allow room for some decorative plants.

Initial designs were of FSDU’s (Floor Standing Display Units) but after conversations with our client we moved towards a CTU (Counter Top Unit).

We carried out further development before agreeing on a final solution (pictured).

With this project we worked closely with Next from the initial concept to the final install of the units.


Skin Care Unit in Next