£150 Million Fosse Park Expansion Plans Given Go Ahead

Fosse Park's New Design Outside Outfit Store


Plans for Fosse Park to be expanded, were recently approved at a Blaby District Council Planning Committee.


Castle Acres will be a retail and leisure development next to Fosse Park where Everards site is currently located. However, it has the potential to be fully integrated with Fosse Park to create a single, expanded retail destination.


The project will include a range of new shops, restaurants and cafes covering approximately 288,000sq ft of floor space.


“In addition, Castle Acres could create up to 1,000 full-time jobs for the local people therefore benefiting the local economy. Two confirmed occupiers include a 90,000sq ft landmark Next store and a 34,000sq ft TK Maxx store..


Furthermore, the new car park’s layout will allow for over 850 cars. Included in this space will be 30 wheelchair bays and 12 parent/child spaces.


Crown Estate, owners of Fosse Park, Everards, the site owners, and Enderby-based Next will all be involved in the £150 million development.


“The approval of Castle Acres is excellent news for the district,” said Jane Toman, chief executive of Blaby District Council. “Fosse Park is one of the biggest shopping areas in Britain and we are proud to have it in our area.”


Fosse Park already covers around 580,000sq ft of shops and attracts more than 10 million shoppers a year.


The approval for Castle Acres followed an 18-month process, but construction won’t start till autumn next year, while the opening date won’t be till around Christmas time in 2019.


A birds eye view of the Fosse Park area
A = Fosse Park
B = Land for Everards Meadows
C = Land for Castle Acres (Everards current location)


Everards Food and Drink Park


The expansion will see Everards relocate to a new development. In order to fund the relocation Everards wants to sell its 12-acre site to Fosse Park owners the Crown Estate.


They plan to move across to the other side of Soar Valley Way and create a new state-of-the-art food and drink park, Everards Meadows.


More than 300 people will be eventually employed as a result of the relocation. This is because there will be a new brewery as well as offices, tasting rooms, a pub, a restaurant, a new retail shop and a cycling centre.


The planning permission was approved back in April.

The Fragrance Shop

The Fragrance Shop approached Display By Design to look at their current store fixture design.

Display By Design presented new designs and a manufacturing process that made the new fixture represent their current store look and feel, but giving The Fragrance Shop a saving.

We manufacture and deliver direct to store, for their contractor to install.

This was part of their store refurbishment plans to happen across the country.

Below is a store located in Poole that we have recently supplied:

Men’s Grooming for Next

Next gave Display By Design a concept unit to develop into a reusable unit. In addition, our client wanted the unit so that it could be easily installed and uninstalled by staff members. The complete unit was sent out over two complete pallets. Each box was packaged so that they could be easily lifted by a minimum of two people. Furthermore, an instruction pack was sent out with step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the unit within the pre-installed bays in Next stores.

The two columns which can be seen in the images had built in shout-outs that lit up to highlight certain products.

Next Skin Care Unit

After working with Next on another project, we were asked to come up with concepts for a skin care unit. The unit had to fit in with the existing style in store and allow room for some decorative plants.

Initial designs were of FSDU’s (Floor Standing Display Units) but after conversations with our client we moved towards a CTU (Counter Top Unit).

We carried out further development before agreeing on a final solution (pictured).

With this project we worked closely with Next from the initial concept to the final install of the units.


Skin Care Unit in Next

Waitrose Values Message

Display By Design were asked by Waitrose to create a way to display their values message in store. They were looking for something pleasing to the eye whilst effectively getting the message across.

For this project we decided to take advantage of our in-house laser facilities to etch the message onto the board. We changed the intensity of the laser to highlight keywords.

The board was then fitted with split battens so that it could be easily mounted in store with no visible fixings.

Furthermore we had to keep sustainability in mind. Initially we were making prototypes using a bamboo plywood board. In the long run we concluded that this wouldn’t be as sustainable as other options. In conclusion, this lead us to look at more man-made boards that were FSC approved.

We sampled various board laminates and veneers before finding the best effect for our client.

For more information on our laser and etching services click here


The Waitrose Value Message